Anne Reinarz Durham University


ENERXICO will develop performance simulation tools that require exascale HPC and data intensive algorithms for different energy sources: wind energy production, efficient combustion systems for biomass-derived fuels (biogas) and exploration geophysics for hydrocarbon reservoirs Website Read more

ExaHyPE - An Exascale Hyperbolic PDE Engine

ExaHyPE (“An Exascale Hyperbolic PDE Engine”) is a software engine for solving systems of first-order hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). Hyperbolic PDEs are typically derived from the conservation laws of physics and are useful in a wide range of application areas. Applications powered by ExaHyPE can be run on a student’s laptop, ... Read more

Multiscale Modelling of Aerospace Composites

The EPSRC Grant “Multiscale Modelling of Aerospace Composites: Increasing Quality, Reducing Empiricism and Challenging Conservatism” resulted in a high-performance C++ toolbox dune-composites suitable for simulating composites. The module dune-composites can be used to solve a range of industrially motivated examples. The module has achieved sc... Read more