Anne Reinarz Durham University

Multiscale Modelling of Aerospace Composites

The EPSRC Grant “Multiscale Modelling of Aerospace Composites: Increasing Quality, Reducing Empiricism and Challenging Conservatism” resulted in a high-performance C++ toolbox dune-composites suitable for simulating composites. The module dune-composites can be used to solve a range of industrially motivated examples. The module has achieved scalability on more than 15,000 cores of the UK national supercomputer Archer, solving an aerospace composite problem with over 200 million degrees of freedom in a few minutes. This scale of computation brings composites problems that would otherwise be unthinkable into the feasible range. The solver has a wide applicability, as demonstrated by the use of the solver on SPE10, a challenging benchmark in subsurface flow/reservoir simulation.