Anne Reinarz Durham University

Parallel Scientific Computing II, 2020

This submodule builds on Numerical Algorithms I (Parallel Scientific Computing I) and introduces advanced topics in ODE integration schemes, and spatial discretisation. Course Information Webpage Module page Read more

Networks, 2020

You will be learning the theoretical and fundamental aspects of networks, and will have the opportunity to apply your programming skills to developing a network system. Course Information Module page Read more

Scientific Computing, Summer 2020

This course provides a deeper knowledge in two important fields of scientific computing: molecular dynamics simulations particle-based modelling (n-body simulation) algorithms for efficient force calculation parallelisation iterative solution of large sparse systems of linear equations: relaxation m... Read more

Modern Wave Propagation - Discontinuous Galerkin & Julia, Summer 2020

In the past few years, the Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method has made waves. Wave propagation is everywhere: It is used to simulate earthquakes, tsunamis and even plasma physics. With the advent of many-core supercomputers it has become crucial to use communication avoiding methods. DG is currently one of the most promising. The goal of this l... Read more

Hyperbolic PDE Seminar, Winter 2019

In this seminar we address numerical methods for the simulation of hyperbolic partial differential equations. We discuss important examples of governing equations. In this context challenges typical for hyperbolic PDEs are tackled: Non-linearities with analytical solution approaches, Riemann solvers, domain decomposition, finite volume methods, ... Read more